Ines Bautista-Yao


I am such a sucker for stories about boy-girl best friends. Why that is, well, you will never know (haha).

All That Glitters is so much more than what you’d expect it to be because of the title. You’d think it’s just about the stars and shiny 24K bracelet charms and champagnes and anything that pass up as real-world pixie dusts. But since it is Miss Ines we’re talking about here, it has to be about what each of those represents. It’s about dreams that you dare to reach and what you are willing to do to get them. It’s about your world, how much it means to you, and this whole new world that captures your very soul. It’s about love and friendship, about your “wish” guy coming to life, staring at you right in the face, and about that other guy who’s always been with you while you dream.


This one literally gave me butterflies and knots in my tummy. And I mean literally. Like my tummy tingled a few times, while I tried so hard not to cry. I thought at some point I needed to pee with all that emotion bottling up inside of me, while I quietly and breathlessly turn page after page. Who gets that at… well… at non-teenage years? Yes, people who read Ines! And people who keep replaying that midnight scene at Carlos’ house over and over in their heads!



When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao

The reason I fell in love with Miss Ines’ first book, Only A Kiss, was because it was about best friends and a kiss. I must have read that book a dozen times, feeling better and better each time I did, and thought that she couldn’t exactly top that. At least not that easily.

I wasn’t questioning her skills to write; I was particularly pointing to the fact that I often stuck with books I deeply related to or with stories I wished happened in my lifetime. Who doesn’t, right? But then, I read When Sparks Fly, and that thought about Miss Ines not being able to catch my heart again that easily, vanished into oblivion. I now have my second favorite Ines book!


How that happened, well, When Sparks Fly is about best friends, and boyfriends, and trusting the foundations of each relationship we get ourselves into. It’s about being able to tell who you are in every friendship and every relationship, and using that to keep yourself and your mate happy. It’s about the sacrifices we make and the strength to take in the pain that comes with them. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about how your love for your best friend may just save the love you have for your man. It’s about photography and coffee and sports. It’s about you, basically. Because I found something in Regina that’s me. And so you might, too.

Another Ines Masterpiece! I literally almost forgot to breathe at the sudden story twist!

PS. I can’t believe I went through the whole book, though, thinking that one of the characters wasn’t straight! Hahaha, silly me! Now, I can’t get the thought of another book out of my head!

Keep dreaming with me on that!