Ancient Secret to Health: KEFIR

A friend of mine introduced me to KEFIR MILK two weeks ago. She and her family had been drinking this for over two years now and she claimed to have been feeling light, happy and healthy every since. Well, you wouldn’t believe how happy and positive she always looked whenever we were together, so yeah I believed her instantly.


I did a little research on it when I got home and found out that ancient people from Asia and Europe lived longer than we did today because of what they ate. That’s a known fact, actually. While we now live in a world of preservatives, people then lived in a world of fermented foods to preserve their lives. Thus, they were very much aware of probiotics.

Kefir milk is made by fermenting goat’s milk or cow’s milk with kefir grains composed of¬†composed of lactic acid bacteria, yeast and polysaccharides. It’s a probiotic. Pro, meaning for life (as opposed to antibiotic, which kills bacteria).


Kefir grains, on the process of fermenting goat’s milk.

From what I have researched (and it isn’t much yet), kefir is so much stronger than yoghurt. The reason? Yoghurt only has about 2 strings of bacteria in it, while kefir has 56. Plus, it is the only type of bacteria that, when consumed, stay and live in your gut to fight off bad bacteria that cause most of our illnesses and complications. How do you keep these little miracle buggers on your tummy? Well, you keep drinking kefir milk AND you start eating prebiotics (food of probiotics).

My friend then gave me a liter to share with my mom and my grandma, who were hesitant to take it at first. It was a new thing; they were scared. I urged my grandma most especially since she had been constipated for 3 days already. It was worth a try, I told her, and she obliged. A few hours after drinking her share, she went to the comfort room three times. And she fell ill for an hour or so. The following day, though, she felt great. And she no longer had that nagging pain on her knee. Fast forward to two weeks of drinking kefir milk, my mom said she woke up feeling very light and happy, and my grandma no longer had regular bowel movement now and she started playing with my neice (her great grandchild) in the garden again. I started feeling less bloated.

What are the Top 7 benefits of Kefir?

  1. It is a source of high amounts of nutrients, like protein, calcium, vitamin A, B1, B12, K2 and D, magnesium and phosphorus.
  2. It boosts the immune system since live microorganisms (probiotics) stay in our digestive tracts.
  3. It aids in digestion, so no more feeling bloated. Plus, no symptoms of lactose intolerance.
  4. It produces kefiran, a polysaccharide that reduces blodd pressure, cholesterole and sugar.
  5. It fights off bad bacteria that inhabits or enters your body.
  6. It is said to be cancer-preventive.
  7. It helps maintain weight.

I am pretty sure I will be buying more kefir milk for my family, just to see how far it HEALS us. Will be posting updates.