Guest Post: Marian Tee

Hi! I’m Marian Tee, one of the authors behind Summer Feels. It’s my first time to write a guest post for KZ Riman’s blog (thanks for having me, KZ!), and I’ve been asked to share a couple of my fave book universes with you guys.

XANTH by Piers Anthony

So…imagine a world that literally runs on magic. There are magicians, princesses, elves, dragons, gargoyles – just about any creature you can think of probably exists in Xanth one way or another.

On the other hand, Xanth is also a land of…puns. Honeymoon, for instance, is literally a place that newlyweds may visit. It’s in the far side of the moon, sweet as honey – you get the picture? Oh, and heaven cent is a coin (penny) that enables its user to go wherever he or she needs to go. Heaven cent = heaven sent.

There are puns galore literally in Xanth, and I know the way I describe this world may sound crazy, but if you’re a huge fan of fantasy then this series is an absolute must-read.
P.S. Feel free to start anywhere in the series as they’re all written as standalones; I started with Book 16: Demons Don’t Dream, and there was no looking back after that.
P.P.S. It may not seem like it, but Xanth has some nice romances to offer (depending on which book of the series you’re reading).

BELGARIAD by David Eddings

If you love Lord of the Rings then I don’t see how you can possibly not love Eddings’ Belgariad as well. I don’t understand why no one has made a movie or TV show of this series yet, tbh. This world is very much high fantasy and is occupied by both immortals (a couple of deeply flawed gods and goddesses) and mortals. The romance in some cases is toe-curling sweet (although I do wish it could be hotter haha!) and the battle scenes epic!

WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll

I freely admit it: only when Disney cast Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter did I see Wonderland and its beguiling cast of characters with new eyes. After that, I pretty much devoured all the retellings and adaptations of this world. My favorites in particular are Alice in the Country of Hearts (it’s both a video game and manga) and Guilty Alice (otome game by Solmare). Gena Showalter’s Alice in Zombieland has been highly recommended, too, and is on top of my TBR.

SYMPHONY OF AGES by Elizabeth Haydon

I’m not quite sure how to describe this epic fantasy series, so I’ll just list what I love about it. The world building (I wish I could explain this in detail, but if I do I might end up with a ten-page blog post >.<), the implied love triangle and of course the romance, and, oh its huge cast of characters, which is reminiscent of Game of Thrones. If you like GOT but wish it had a bit more romance, then this is the series you’re looking for.

BLACK JEWELS by Anne Bishop

Although the author herself classifies her work as dark fantasy, I can also see this working as paranormal romance because it’s quite heavy (and steamy) with the latter. The Black Jewels books are quite unique in the sense that the world Anne Bishop created here is very much matriarchal and men are the ones usually ending up as abused sex slaves in worst case scenarios or proud warrior consorts of their Queen wives in the other end of the spectrum.

Last but not the least, another favorite book universe of mine is a fictional world that I myself created – Chalys in particular, which I’ve featured in some of my paranormal romances. It’s basically an island kingdom set in today’s world but where Internet, automobiles, phones, cameras, and most other forms of modern technology are strictly prohibited. Locals here live, dress, talk, and act like they’re from the Regency period (think corsets, carriages, balls) and tourists are expected to follow the same rules when visiting. Officially, the reason for this is because the kingdom is a conservative nation and they’re also very much concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. The unofficial and real reason, however, is because the absence of technology prevents the world from realizing that the ducal rulers of Chalys and its citizens are all otherworlders (e.g. demons, wolves, vampires).

It’s a fun world to get into, and I was very happy when one of my readers wrote to me asking if Chalys was real. I think by that she means to ask if I had based Chalys on an actual place that requires people to go around in carriages and dress up in gowns, et al.

Anyway – I think I’ve said more than enough about book universes while at the same time saying too little about Summer Feels, which is supposed to be what this whole blog tour is all about. >.<

FYI my story in the anthology is Anything Can Happen, and it’s the first story I’ve written as Marian Tee that’s based in the Philippines and has a Filipina heroine. The hero, however, is still Greek. Oh, and he’s still a billionaire, too. Once an escapist, always an escapist. 

Summer Feels is now available on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited) so we hope you guys can grab a copy! ❤

Thank you for the time everyone, and thank you again KZ for having me here!


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