Month: December 2014

A Man Named Red

Could people as young as these really set eyes on each other once and then fall in love for the rest of their lives? If so, I envy them…

RED and Mai as Kids

While Direk Jay, the team and I watched the Maskarra parade on our third day, Milton told us about Red’s young adult years with Mai and how their love for each other was undoubtedly beyond compare. Year after year, they shared the beauty and the colors of the Maskarra together…until Mai decided to leave to find a better life.

RED Maskarra (1)

On our fifth day, I’ve been stood up.

While it’s true that the Regalado ambush had taken most of Red’s time, I’d been hoping still that I’d be able to talk to him…to ask him about his life, about the many people he’d already met and helped, about his one great love.
And while I waited with Director Jay and his crew, Milton told us about how Red’s love for Mai had been the mirror of the kind of love he received from Molo,  the man who took him in as a kid and treated him as his one true son.

Red Sylnor's (3)

Day 10.

Days and days of walking around the city without any smile to greet me or my companions, I almost gave up. Since the Regalado ambush, air had been eerie and danger apparently loomed. These heavy feelings seemed endless, growing more and more intense each second that passed. They were haunting these lands. And they were hunting the man I’ve been dying to speak with for weeks now. Where do I find you, Red? More so, will I ever have that chance before this man does?