Month: October 2014

A Man Named Red

I met Director Jay Abello a few months ago and have been writing for him since. We have fairly different ideas on things and so I believe what makes us stay, working with each other until now, is our love for the arts.

Just a few weeks ago, he told me about a man named Red. The man isn’t known for any other name and barely a few people know where “Red” or he, himself, actually came from. Popular in Bacolod City, Philippines for helping people with their problems and issues, Red sparked a great amount of interest within me. I wanted to meet him. Immediately.

So I traveled to Bacolod City with Director Jay and a few of his men to see him. Here’s the first sunrise that greeted me there.

Taken from the plane at 06:20AM

Taken from the plane at 06:20AM

We brought our luggage into our hotel rooms, freshened up for a few minutes and went into the streets to find him.

We didn’t meet him, though, on that day. It was kind of expected, actually. A man as popular as him to the people was going to be hard to track down; I should have known. But I did meet his very good friend, Milton, whom they called Bacolod Central Market’s Rock Star. No, he wasn’t a stage performer. He was a great radio drama actor and storyteller.

Here's Milton inside his radio booth

Here’s Milton inside his radio booth.

And he brought me back in time to meet the little boy that was Red and the little girl who stole his heart.

Red and Mai

Will be updating more soon.