Of Empty Seats: An Open Letter

Of Empty Seats_

Dear YOU,

Sometimes, I wish you’d just see how you make your life even more difficult than it should be. You complain about how cruel life has been to you, and how love hasn’t been given to you so freely in the past. And yet, you fail to realize you shut it out at the first step of its offering – that those who wish to give it to you would never dare, not anymore, because of what you believe. For you bask in the glory of your strength, having no space for feelings and having no time to consider what your heart dictates of your fate. That isn’t strength. That is weakness at its best.

Try and accept how people can be emotional and how the heart falters to build its own self. Try and accept that the world turns because the people in it find joy in never-ending whirlwinds. Try and accept that those who have hurt you may have hurt themselves more, and that those who love you now may be hurting an even greater deal because they can’t break through your walls. Try and accept that – and perhaps your life would never be a fucking waste. And perhaps then, as you turn to look beside you, you’ll see something that’s worth more than an empty seat.



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