Baler, Aurora (Summer in the Philippines 2014)

I haven’t gone out for the longest time. My work, previous to this one, required me to always be on duty, even during holidays.

Now, I can’t express how much I love my work. Not only does it give me so much time to work on my books, it give me a lot of opportunities to travel. One travel, which I will never forget, is this year’s Executive Legislative Agenda of the Province of Tarlac, where I was tasked, along with two of my co-workers, to document.

The last day, however, was given to us…giving sense to the two last syllables of the word “Work-cation.”


Photo by Pinky Hartshorn

Photo by Pinky Hartshorn


We stayed in Costa Pacifica Resort.

20140402_132332 20140402_153050IMG_0132
KZ RimanKZ RimanKZ Riman

There’s this Artists’ Village, the first in the country, which showcases artworks and paintings from local artists. It rests in the secluded Dicasalarin Cove, one of the most perfect views of water you’ll ever see.
20140403_110710 Dicasalarin Cove KZ Riman
Artists' Village KZ RimanKZ Riman
Adventures here didn’t stop with sight-seeing. We wouldn’t pass up an opportunity getting henna tattoos and going surfing! I have always wanted to get a real tattoo. The idea of needles and blood just freaks me out! And god! Surfing? Off my bucket list!
20140404_104437 (1)20140403_11392020140403_195034
Last stop before we headed home on the third day… Baler Museum and church. People in my country say that when you visit a church for the first time, you get three wishes. I think I used mine pretty well. We’ll know in the next few months.
I wish the adventures just won’t stop coming…

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