My Review of The Match (A Novelette) by Hunnydew

The Match by Hunnydew

‘What ifs’ and ‘could have beens’ are probably the most painful thoughts that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

These are a few of the lessons that Jarlin Trance learned the hard way when he met Justine Marthens.

His passion for basketball led his path to cross with hers. But will it also be the reason that will keep them apart?

Justine takes pride at the fact that she is the only girl among all the players of the co-ed high school basketball teams to be called CAPTAIN. As she worked blood, sweat and tears for the title, she worked as hard to be a straight A student. It seems that her ‘Glory Days’ always involved a ball and a pen. But someone is always someone else’s match, and she has to learn to suck that up when Jarlin joins her team.

What starts out as an innocent race for glory, though, turns out to be a race for each other’s hearts. For as Jarlin keeps his ‘I-have-never-met-her-and-I-do-not-wish-to-meet-her’ kind of fiancee a secret, Justine keeps her real feelings in the dark.

Hunnydew takes you to a journey of mismatches and perfect matches that never seem to collide. The Match tells of a story of a young girl and a young boy, both attracted to each other, but are kept away by the court that keeps them going and by the feelings that keep them taking a few steps back.

What I love about the novelette is that it is written in a male point-of-view when the author is a lovely Filipina. The words flow fluidly and though there are only about a few chapters, the story unfolds flawlessly. Chapter after chapter, the situations and dilemmas are unwrapped subtly, surprising you with the outcomes and  conclusions. Its ending – something which I did not expect – made me literally post a rant on Facebook, demanding that, as my heart thudded loudly against my chest, Hunneydew wrote a novel-length version or at least a sequel.

It is certainly one book that kept me at the edge of my seat!

Hunneydew left a big impression on me as a reader. Her debut novelette is one that I am sure will bring her more projects, fans and followers, and success! Great job, Hunneydew!

Will I recommend it to you, readers? MOST DEFINITELY. 


with Hunnydew, author of The Match

with Hunnydew, author of The Match

Hunnydew, or simply Hunny, is a college graduate and a career woman for more than five years now.

Writing has always been her passion ever since she was introduced to the Journalism Club in third grade.

Unable to escape the creative world, she continues to write both in English and Tag-Lish (Tagalog-English or Filipino-English).

Find out more about her by adding her Facebook account ( or by visiting her wattpad page (



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