Another Great Review for Kissing Another Grimaldi!!!

I never thought I would be able to touch a man’s heart when I first wrote Kissing Another Grimaldi. I have often imagined women reading the novel and smiling, dreaming with me.

So when I read this part of Jayson Santos’ review, my life simply became better.

I think the best strength of KZ Riman’s debut novel, Kissing Another Grimaldi, is its ability to switch the story telling between the male and female protagonists without bringing about bewilderment; thus, providing a balance of thoughts and emotions for both gender of readers. One of the reasons why romantic novels, especially ones blended with eroticism, are less appealing to male readers is because they tend to focus on and adore the female character. So the male counterpart becomes less represented. I had no idea what measures the author took, but she was able to adequately show the masculine side of the story by exposing the actions, thoughts, and inner feelings of a man in the roles of a son, brother, cousin, friend, and lover.

Thank you, Jayson Santos for making my day! Heck, you even made my month! And believe me, I have been praying March to be MY month.


Learn more about Jayson Santos and how his Thoughts Are Things in themselves already, and visit his blog!



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