A Nice Lunch at a Nay’s House

I never usually do blog entries on the restaurants I go to, but I guess since I am rebuilding myself and getting ready for the greatest journey of my life, I might as well do things right and with little changes.

So I had lunch last Saturday with my mother and Father O’Neal, a priest I met back in high school, and we talked a lot about how life has turned out – for me, at least. When I first met Father O’Neal, I was a supposed cancer patient. I was falsely diagnosed with Malignant Lymphoma and recovering from the emotional trauma that had caused me was actually one of my life’s greatest struggles. Sometimes, I thought I had not really recovered fully. Now, I believe I am a patient of another kind and I needed my friend priest for counselling, more than he needed me for parish/community service.

I may not be able to share more of what we talked about, but I guess I will be able to share with you the dining experience.

We had lunch at Nay’s House, a classy restaurant with a colonial-looking house as its front. It rests near other historical spots of the Province of Tarlac, like Diwa ng Tarlak, Tarlac Capitol, Romulo Memorial Library, and Tarlac State University.

Nay's House by KZ Riman

Nay's House by KZ Riman

Showcase shelves greeted us upon entry. Displayed here are delicacies of Tarlac and of its neighboring province for take-home purchases.



The place is as cozy as I expected it to be, which made conversation with the two people I was with very easy and natural. It actually felt like home, and that wasn’t only because I wanted to sound romantic or anything. The lighting, the calamansi decorations and flowers on the tables, the wooden floors and panels… everything shouted personal territory.



The menu may seem ordinary to a lot of people, but the taste was actually something to search for. We had Bistek Tagalog (something I do not usually eat, but was able to enjoy nonetheless) , Fish Steak (which was actually salmon, and something I enjoyed very much because of its unique sauce and the fact that it was perfectly baked), Stir Fried Vegetables (Ugh! A few of the freshest veggie dishes I have had in my life! This time, I actually believe the nice waitress when she said “best seller”) and Gambas Al Aljitto (my most sought after dish).


I have always been fond of food. It is one of my many weaknesses. I must say – and I really mean it – that the experience at Nay’s House is beyond compare, and that is not only because I was with two important people in my life. I was able to share with them a really nice meal, as much as I was able to share with them my life.

And oh! If you are wondering if only I did the sharing… no. I guessed the food gave my mother and Father O. great moods and they began sharing as well!


I hope I will be returning there to share yet another part of my life with someone I know is special.




KZ Riman


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