Great Review for Kissing Another Grimaldi

When Kissing Another Grimaldi was released in 2013, I was hopeful that no one would bash it. After all, it was my debut novel, and I knew that I still had a lot to learn.

Yesterday, a month and a half after its release, the book received a review I wasn’t expecting. The last paragraph was one, which I could not stop reading over and over and over. Here is why:

Kissing Another Grimaldi was really a roller-coaster ride, but was surprisingly very easy to read. I liked KZ Riman’s writing style, it was flawless and she certainly has a knack for telling a story. Her maiden offering of the Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogues series promises a roller-coaster experience. There’s the family-oriented story, there’s a sexy-as-sin, hot and gorgeous rogue; there’s the a feisty and headstrong lady, PLUS lots and lots of steamy yummy sex, not to mention, a drug that enhances sexual desires. What’s not to love? (from

Because of what I had read, my day went from “simply accepting what the day brings” to “finally realizing I have a lot to thank for”. And I knew because of it, I would be writing more. So thank you, Claire!

I guess I really have to trust myself, especially since I am rebuilding ME.


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