Month: December 2013

Hidden Treasure

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I took this from Tarlac Recreational Park in San Jose, Tarlac. It’s a mountainous area the government would like to develop as a major tourist destination.

I’ll be returning there tomorrow with the media team (I work for the government) to take more promotional materials. Will be uploading photos and featuring the place in the future. Stay tuned!




Win A Kiss!!!

Kissing Another Grimaldi by KZ Riman Cover by Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Designs

Kissing Another Grimaldi by KZ Riman
Cover by Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Designs

In the spirit of giving this Holiday Season, I am giving away five electronic copies of my debut novel, Kissing Another Grimaldi.  Stay tuned!


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Thoughts of the Lonely

I know I would think about it every minute of my life.

There are words I could not even utter,

the world would never understand.

There are dreams I could not even reveal,

my reality would not let it fit its hand.


Why do I feel your loss when you haven’t even been mine?

I speak of days that are beyond the rising of the sun.

I speak of nights that are as cold as the wind when I hum.

I speak of words you will never hear, of words I dare to shun.

I speak of these; I speak of emotions I should just push to be none.


Why do I feel like the world had turned its course and ruined,

that one single fate I dare battle the odds for and give in?


Do you feel she is worth the wait when you hold her hand?

Does she speak your words like the songs of the trumpets in a band?

Do not listen to me; I sound bitter, but I honestly think I can

give you love and joy the way I know you deserve as a man.


Why do I feel your loss when you haven’t even been mine?

I think of this every second of the day, every minute, and every time.


Meet Scott Grimaldi

This is actually a teaser for the book, Kissing Another Grimaldi, featuring Scott Grimadi.

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Book Cover by Amanda Kelsey, Razzle Dazzle Designs
Kissing Another Grimaldi (Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogues series, Book#1) from
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Minding Someone Else’s Mind

I began following a person’s blog, and as embarrassing as this would sound to all those who would care to imagine what I actually meant, I would like to admit I began to develop a simple frenzy over his words.

I regret to write in this entry how I could not divulge the person’s identity nor the person’s blog name for it had remained untouched for the past half a year. I would like to admit again, though I could swear most of you read between the lines, that I had been reading the same poems and the same thoughts over and over the past few nights, with the hope – might I add – that something new came up. Yes. His thoughts had driven me to utter insanity. I wanted to read more.

What I loved most about his writings was the fact that he seemed to be searching for someone. Aren’t we all? Yet, this longing that he felt, I guessed, was one which I believed was extremely rare for a man. I had been witness of men ripping women’s hearts out. I couldn’t go into details about all that as this wasn’t meant to be a rant, but I wanted to express how deep my conviction had become that men often love their women… until the next one comes along. (That’s just me.)

I guess that was the whole reason I often read romance novels and watched romantic comedies with happy ever afters, and fairy tales with love-at-first-sight junkies. That was the whole reason I began imagining stories of my own and writing romance novels with heroes that were too perfect even with their flaws. I began to develop images of men I knew could not exist in the real world, and I actually believed they didn’t… and that they never actually never would.

So when I stumbled across this man’s blog, I questioned every single thought I had about love. I questioned the very fantasies I had about men, and how I created them to be when it came to romance and marriage and lovemaking and courtship. I asked myself if my fantasies weren’t exactly fantasies at all for a very few lucky women. I asked myself if I was one of those very few lucky women. And while I thought about the answer to those self-directed questions, I further asked myself something which my best friend asked me moments ago: For how long was I planning to read and re-read his entries until I had finally found myself so worn out of imagining that the woman he was searching for was actually me? I would have to find that out, too.

So for now, I guess, I didn’t have that much of a choice but to keep going back to his blog, read and re-read, and imagine and hope that for once in my life, I had found someone who would resemble a man so perfect that he would not fit the real world I came to know and believe.





Just Another Random Thought

Sometimes I forget I only get to live once. I have allowed too many opportunities pass me by already, and I am pushing thirty! I have to be more fearless and face the world, something which I often regretfully tell myself I might not successfully do. I could get stupid sometimes. Last night, as I stared at the ceiling, I asked myself what I have already done, which would make me say I have lived my life to the fullest. I realized I have yet a lot to accomplish. I have a lot of things I want to do: Write a book. Check. Travel. Coming soon. And a heck of a lot more activities. 2014, I hope you will be nice to me.

Weep Again

Tonight, I find no words to comfort me.

I think of ways to take me away

from the weeping, the sobbing, the crying, the howling;

still I find no peace to reach my dying heart,

still I find no calmness to still my wounded soul.


I yearn for you, and the silliness of it makes me smile.

How could one reach for another beyond the dim,

where there is no light, no clarity, not even the gift of a silhouette?

I yearn for you, and the madness of it all drives me completely manic.

How could one miss a touch, a kiss, a shivering caress

that was never once there, even for a single minute?


I write for you in words that would never fly.

You might be one of few, who’d read this briefly, and then pass on by.

You might never know it’s you, for tell the world who you are,

I never will.

Yet, I long for a single moment that a tiny part of your being

would wish to everything that the heavens made holy

you knew me well enough to pretend it really is you.

For in that single moment, in that brief fraction of time un-owned,

you were mine, while I would be forever yours.