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Admiring the Great Mind

KZ RIMAN, Admiring the Great Mind


AUGUST 30, 2013

11:12 PM


Princess by Surprise (A Wattpad Novel)

I have always wanted to write books and I have found it easier with Wattpad. Though, I do not earn money with it, I guess I am a happy knowing there are those – though just a few – who find joy in reading what I imagine.

Book cover done by Philippe Weiss for the sole purpose of promoting the free Wattpad book.

Book cover done by Philippe Weiss for the sole purpose of promoting the free Wattpad book.


A tale of two princes and a dancer.

Could you even really fall in love with two men at the same time? Would it even be right for you to choose love-at-first-sight over your best friend whom you had promised to marry?

Twenty-five year-old Filipino dance teacher Kayla Montejo realizes one of her dreams is finally coming true when her best friend, Eric Marionette, finally takes her to his country, Khazkathia, to help him build a school for the new arts. What she doesn’t know is that she is in for the biggest surprise of her life – he is the youngest prince of his country.

Given her unique charms, Kayla finds herself in the odd position of agreeing to marry Eric upon the insistence of the Royal Family and in fulfilling her self-promise of returning – for once – everything he has done for her.

She soon learns that all dreams have their price of drama and that the fairy tale she has been waiting for is something that might not exist; for she has unwittingly fallen in love with Eric’s older brother, Jasper, letting him hold her hand in their attempts for self-discovery and in his attempt to sweep her off her feet.


For those of you who might be interested in reading:

Sci-Fi, here’s one by Philippe Weiss: GENETICA

108 years ago, a war wiped out 99.9% of the population. Today, all of the survivors inhabit Elyse, a walled city-state, which is ruled by the congress of scientists. Elyse is an idyllic city, but someone outside it’s walls thinks otherwise. Thomas, an ordinary Elysean who works at the bottling line at the Academy, tries to figure out who are the uninvited guests and what is the purpose of Elyse.

Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller, here’s one by CC Claes: ANGEL’S KISS, DEMON’S TOUCH

The Origin of Species Chronicles: A psychiatric asylum plagued by demons. Two orphans destined to break free from their mental and physical abuse. The road to save the ones they most love twisting and turning. A thrilling adventure where demons and angels are at war.

Vampire, here’s something from Bj Patt: SPARKLE

Yes, they’re vampires. Yes, they sparkle. Yes, they’re badass.

Romantic Suspense, here is Melany Nightmaree’s WILD DISPOSITION

Alexis Mercer had the perfect life until her twin brother, Alex, was robbed at gun point and killed. Having given up on answers to why, she finally starts to move on with her life. Just as she starts to put the pieces of her life back together, she meets a boy named Toby Vice. Allie starts falling for Toby just before she finds out that he knows more about her brother than she did. Will she accept the man she loves or leave when she discovers the truth to her brothers death?

Teen Fiction, Shuriken Phoenix wrote WHEN IT RAINED

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to truly bring people together. When Freya Anderson moves to Cincinnati with her father, she meets Chesmu; a reserved young man with an abundance of secrets..Will opposites attract or will things go horribly wrong for these two unlikely friends?

Happy reading!