My Dance

Tonight I dance like it would be the last

As the rhythm of the music starts to blast

But in my heart I hold memories of the past

When all of my life’s torture is strong and vast


With every smile on my lips their eyes I steal

And with every breath, my pains they feel.

Then what of my mask if my hands reveal

That sweet picture of courage so unreal?


These, the lights, I have come to earn

Might not be enough for me to yearn

That foolish love I have come to burn

Keep flaring up my heart’s painful turn


At the sight of him, my tears start to fall

His sweet touch, an addiction through it all

And as I dance with this dear friend I call

Our lives are shared in a world unknown by all


Slowly my mask wears away

By his love, to nothing it is turned

That bittersweet music all turns to gay

For his rhythm becomes a lesson I must learn


And now my dance all got its strength

Now that his hands show more than care

With him, I swear I’ll take each great length

The warmth of it to the world shall flare


Might it be the first, the last?

The dance I have now makes me feel high

Might he stop this music, this dance, I’d cry

And the music of my soul would then surely die.



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