Take Me to Croatia



It often times takes a very wild imagination to see lands that seem so far beyond what our minds could reach. A deep breath and a long sigh, hinted with a sweet smile on the lips, are but what it takes to feel that the world might really have a lot of treasures waiting to be explored. Then it takes a comfy pillow, a cold weather and an hour to get to where you want to be, to be where your heart could take you without needing for a second to fathom.

I have never been out of my hometown for anything but training and seminars. As I grew older, I began realizing that I was one of those few people who would rather stay inside her bedroom and stare at a computer screen for hours, waiting for the voices inside her head to finally speak to her so she could pretend to work. I have always locked myself away from the world.

It isn’t that I do not communicate with the world. I do. Oftentimes, I do it publicly in the most acclaimed social sites there is to let others know that I was still alive. It isn’t that I do not envy people who travel and get to have adventures out of their comfort zones. I do. Oftentimes, I just do not wish to do it myself even with my friends begging me to do so.

I guess I am a nerd in my own way. I create stories and poems, play simulation games, eat in front of my laptop, read and then write, and then read again. I barely go out.

But there is this one picture which a foreign friend of mine sent to me that had me going crazy. I began feeling the needs to get out of my comfy camisole house-dress, get into my jeans and finally beg for a stamp in my passport. I began to feel I wanted to actually travel. And here is why:

(justthetravel.com) THE PLITVICE LAKES


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the biggest in all of Croatia because of its sixteen lakes arranged in perfect cascades. Not only the blue-green crystal clear waters makes it so surreal, but also the fact that the waterflow is separated by dams of travertine barriers surrounded by  the greenish plants. UNESCO World Heritage protects this fantasy-like park.

(www.exploro.hr) Over a million visitors are recorded each year to be visiting this world wonder

Over a million visitors are recorded each year to be visiting this world wonder

(www.areatraveldubrovnik.com) The Plitvice Lakes during Winter

The Plitvice Lakes during Winter

The lake is not at all the reason I wanted to visit. I fell in love with the special “Greetings to the Sun”, a large solar-powered light show that is activated after sunset to illuminate the dim and romantic port of Zadar. It charges by day and gives out meaningful messages that are unique to those who care to watch at night.

The Greetings to the Sun (I do not own this picture)

The Greetings to the Sun
(I do not own this picture)

The Greetings to the Sun sits right beside the Sea Organ, an architectural musical instrument by Nikola Bašić which plays the most soothing of tunes by the way the sea waves move and the wind that blows through its concealed system of polyethylene tubes and resonating cavity.

(wendylady1.livejournal.com) The Sea Organ

The Sea Organ

I am most certain that there are places and wonders that I may need to mention to completely convince you that it is a place worth spending money on but for me, these and the the cities of Croatia, along with its beaches, are enough to keep me dreaming.





I am most definitely going to try and visit soon. PHILIPPE WEISS, a true Croatian by heart and by mind, thanks for the information and for offering me a place to stay if I get to live this dream.



  1. I’m sure you saw the tweet of Weiss suggesting I make Croatia my next vacation spot. Pics like these make it hard to deny.

    I’m glad these inspire you to travel. I say if you have the time and the funds, do it!! There’s so much beauty out there, so many wonderful things that we’ll never even know exist if we don’t venture out. I hope you take the first step.

    1. Hahaha. I would really love to go. I told Weiss, given the right resources and situations next summer, I might. That would all depend on my husband, of course. I showed him the picture and he was like, “Sure. We’ll see in two years.”

      It would be nice if the group could go as well. We could mess Weiss’ apartment up. LOL. I’m kinda getting there… taking the first step. Like I told you before, I most of the time need people to pull me out of my shell and my comfort zone. My college friends had been trying to do it. Perhaps I haven’t found the right country to travel to… until now.

      1. Yeah, you definitely can’t go wrong with a place that beautiful.

        And I totally understand about having the right resources. I checked out the plane ticket prices and thought, “Weiss you’re my homeboy, but I don’t know about dropping 5K on you…”

        It would be a dream come true if the whole group could go.

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