A Six-Year-Old Girl’s First Pet

That's my real life darling shih tzu, Tamtam

That’s my real life darling shih tzu, Tamtam


Today I will ask my mommy and my daddy if I can get myself a pet.

My classmate, Sandy, has a cat and her grandmother gave it to her for her birthday. Sandy said her pet cat is always by her side. She said it always brushes her body against her feet when she eats, when she does her homework and her chores, and also when she watches the television.

I want a pet, too. I think I will ask my mommy and my daddy for a puppy. I will teach my new puppy a lot of good tricks like how to sit, jump, roll over and shake hands. I will bring it to the park with me for a walk and to play catch. I will remember to feed it healthy dog food just like my mommy feeds me healthy every breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner. I will make sure it takes a bath so that it will always smell good and train it to go out to pee and to do potty. I will not forget to brush its hair and show it love. My new puppy will be my best friend.

So after school, I walk over to mommy in the kitchen and pull her beside daddy in the backyard. I tell them to buy me a puppy and I promise to take good care of it. Mommy and daddy smile at each other.

Mommy gives me a kiss and a special magical plant in a pot. She says, “This plant can tell us if you are ready for a puppy. It will give us one beautiful flower at its center. All you have to do is water it and then talk to it every day.”

Excited, I take the plant from her and place it on my bedroom window. Every day, I make sure to water it, talk to it and to let it have enough sunlight. Mommy and daddy will be happy to know I am doing exactly what they asked me to do.

Today I wake up and remember that it has been a week since mommy gave me the special magical plant. I look at it with a smile. I smile even more because it now has a beautiful flower blooming wonderfully at its center.

I will take it to mommy so that she will know that I am ready for my puppy.

She smiles at me and then calls daddy.

Daddy smiles at me, too, and says, “After breakfast, you can take your bath and we will drive to the animal shelter for your puppy.”

So I hurry and finish my bread and milk, run up to my room and change into my clean clothes. I smile as I brush my hair in front of the mirror because I know that in just a few hours, I will bring home my new and first puppy. And I will name her, Tam-Tam.


I was supposed to submit this for a children’s book but I ended up keeping it.

I sometimes do ghostwriting and boy, is it hard to see your work with another name on it! LOL

But it’s fun.



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