I Never Left Them

A night out with my girls

Beer Night with my girls a few hours ago. Nine of us and no one brought a camera. Yeeeesh!

Well, I forgot. We had two guys with us tonight.

Well, I forgot. We had two guys with us tonight. The other guy took the photo. He failed to inform his wife of our little get-together. Haha

I never told my friends the real reason I left the corporate world. I used to wear that gray uniform (fourth lady from the left) with them and then I suddenly tossed it away, along with my four-inch heels. I used to be a supervisor like them and we handled different departments.

Though I always knew they had an inkling, I also knew they would never be able to ask me straight up the real reason as it went beyond personal and the pain was too much to even be discussed over bottles of beer.

I had shared in one blog entry (which I put to private mode because I suddenly felt uneasy again sharing it), I put up greatly with how two even called me stupid once. They said I was full of shit and that I needed to gather my wits. Why would a career woman leave a “sought for” position in one of the largest companies in the country just to stay at home, right? Yeah, I kinda got that, too. I was stupid. 

Then again, maybe I wasn’t and I would explain one day why.

The more important thing for me tonight – something which I told them – is that though I left my job, I never left them. And I will be joining them over beer and billiard whenever they want me to.


Yeeeesh. I have to put up with red spots again when I wake up tomorrow.



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