Legend of the Flame

sword_girl(photo: animecrazy.net)

The land was bleeding when hatred blazed

The battle between the blades and the flames

And she who held the sword, the fame

Was captured by the caster who won the game.

The course of time brought heat, not pain

To her heart, which he then tamed

Between the thousand shrieks and chains

Her soul, her heart to be then drained.

The love forbidden they chose to proclaim

Had been the start of the curse she gained

Down to her children who then lived in shame

In fear, in wrath, in a destiny to be slain.

Noon shall bleed with the key of time

So as to be lifted to an unwanted shrine

Morning shall come bringing no light to shine

And evening shall fight, singing forever noon’s mine.

A soul destined to be trapped in a hand

A power that’s mightiest throughout the land

A flame molded into a flesh with breath

A beating heart, waiting for nothing but death.


First published: Tarlac State University, The Work 2003

Had the idea since high school. Hope to finish writing a book about it to send to publishers. Wish me luck!



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