How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


The movie tells the story of Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson), the resident “How To…” girl of Composure magazine, and her love affair with Benjamin Barry (played by Matthew McConaughey), a Sports Advertising Executive.

Andie is working on an article, “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, committing herself to making every single dating faux pas off the book just to drive away the man she is to pretend to date. Benjamin, however, has a bet to win. If he is able to make a woman fall in love with him in a week, he gets this big account that will turn his job around.

Of course, who better to find each other at some bar but each other! The movie goes on with her trying every single thing that women aren’t supposed to be doing to keep his man and he does everything to keep her with him. Thus, the atrocity and the comedy happen.

images (9)

Here are some of the things Andy did to Benjamin just to make sure he left her:

1. She made him miss the winning shot at the Lakers’ game by whining about her thirst and about not having a diet coke.



2. She accused him of thinking about another woman while watching Sleepless in Seattle in a movie theater. She kept talking and talking, making one movie-goer angry. Benjamin had to take a punch because of this.

images (8)

Sensitive Moviegoer: Now, I’m going to go back inside and finish watching “Sleepless in Seattle”. Nobody screw with me. (after he punches Ben)




3. She called his ‘member’ Princess Sophia. (haha, best one yet)

Andie: Does Princess Sophia want to come out and play?

Ben: Who’s Princess Sophia?

[Andie points at his crotch]

Andie: Little, big, little, big… I don’t know… we will find out!

Ben: You can’t name my member… Princess Sophia.

Andie: Yes, I can!

Ben: If you are gonna name my… member, you have to name it something hyper masculine. Something like Spike, or Butch, or Krull the Warrior King!

Andie: Does Krull the Warrior King want to come out and play?

Ben: No.

Andie: Krull.

Ben: You know what, due to intense humiliation, the king has momentarily abdicated his throne. Ok?

Andie: Oh. Uh-oh!

Ben: Yeah.

Andie: Well, in that case, I’d better get going. Take care of our love fern, honey.



4. She pretended to be a vegetarian just to put to waste his efforts of cooking a perfectly baked lamb for her.

[Andie starts crying when Ben places food in front of her]

Ben: Hey, what’s wrong?

Andie: Nothing. It’s beautiful.

Ben: Thank you.

Andie: You’re beautiful. The game, the whole thing. It’s just… I wish I ate meat. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb. You have to take it away before I gag.

[Andie gags]


4.a. While in a veggie restaurant, she accused him of treating her like a fat woman.

Andie: [Crying at restaurant after waitress asks if everything is okay] My boyfriend thinks I’m fat!

[Flicks food at him]

Andie: And I can’t eat in front of him! I can’t eat in front of you! I have to go to the bathroom.

Ben: [Receives dirty looks from other customers] Honey, I don’t think you’re fat! I don’t think she’s fat!

images (7)

5.  She invaded Boys Night.

images (10)

6. She photoshoped their pictures to make a family album, making sure that their kids looked extremely unattractive.

images (6)

7. She invaded his apartment, placing her pink stuffs all over and private feminine stuffs in the bathroom.

8. And some other stuffs that I know men hate.


It’s simple really. Imagine a woman doing every single thing that’s wrong – so wrong – in a relationship and still, she ends up being loved by that one man she never dreamed of having.


And it’s funny!


*I do not own any of the pictures. Scripts were taken from IMDb*



  1. Number 4 would piss me annoy the crap out me. I can’t stand it when a grown person cries, especially over something as food. Also, if I made dinner and you didn’t warn me BEFOREHAND you’re a vegetarian… that means war! Everything else I probably could have dealt with.

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