Do You Even Understand Us Women?


That has got to be the best love relationship I have ever seen. SO TOUCHED! (got this from Tumblr)


My husband must have complained about not knowing exactly how to deal with me for about a million times already since we have gotten married. He said I am a completely different person each day.

Well, I told him, “I’m sorry but you married a woman.”

I guess that is just the real beauty of women. Men can just keep on peeling our layers only to find one secret after another – treasured, buried and well-kept.

So to save him the trouble of always going completely nuts, I gave him a list of what to expect and what to know. (Of course, this is just me.)

And here are SOME of the things I wrote on that list:

ü  As soon as I wake up, please kiss me. I might need something to take me off a nightmare. Or I might need proof of my conviction that my life is better than the sweetest of dreams.

images (1)

ü  Always tell me that you love me.  It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just want to hear it every single moment of my life.

ü  If we go to places, walk a step ahead of me. I want to feel safe. You make me feel safe.

ü  Text me “I love you” each day. I might be having a bad day at work and only you can rid me of it.


ü  Glance at me once in a while and smile when you drive. I need to know you’re happy to take me everywhere you go.

ü  I love it when you call me ‘honey’.

ü  Of course I always listen to what I feel. I think with my heart. Don’t ask why. I just do.

ü  I know all your favorite food. And I love the fact that you know all of mine.

ü  Yes. Fine. I’m moody.  It helps that you track down my red days, doesn’t it?


ü  Oh! Is that my picture in your wallet? That makes my heart melt.

ü  If I throw a tantrum, just kiss me. If I pull away, kiss me again. If I pull away again, hug me and then kiss me! I need to know you can chase me everywhere I go.

tumblr_mk7vudmdO01rla26no1_400Voltage, Inc.

ü  If you’ve done the previous one and I still pull away, just hug me and don’t let go. I’ll talk in a moment. But please listen to me when I do.

tumblr_mj7pzjBcNl1s76vmlo4_250Voltage, Inc.

ü  Did you just iron my uniform? That’s so sweet! (Trust me, he sometimes does. So lucky of me.)

ü  Tell me you love me over and over.


ü  I DON’T NAG! I just need your attention. (Teee-heeee)

ü  No. I’m not ALWAYS mad at you! I just ALWAYS want your attention. Can you blame me? I love you so much, after all.

ü  See that chick-flick with me please? I want to share with you a love story.

ü  Tell me you love me over and over and over and over.


Hmmm. Wouldn’t you know it? He still complains and goes nuts over stuffs.

I guess that’s the beauty of men. No matter the layers they’ve already peeled off us, they will always dig deeper for more, giving us a chance for romance over and over and over.



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