That’s My Favorite!

That’s So Raven! has got to be my favorite Disney Channel Series.

When I was in college, I would make sure I was home by 07:30 every evening during weekdays so I would not miss a single episode. Of course, that wasn’t always the case with all the projects and the study dates with my girlfriends, and my late night university publication works (right Althea? hehe).

But just the same, I was almost always home for the show.

The sitcom first aired in 2003 and ended in 2007 on Disney Channel, my favorite channel  in the whole wide world. (Yes, until now. Why?)

That’s So Raven! revolves around a teenager’s life named Raven Baxter, her two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea, and her family.

“The title character draws on her talent as a fashion designer, ingenuity, and psychic powers as well as a variety of disguises to get into and out of amusing adolescent and pre-adolescent situations.” – Wikipedia


I learned a lot from this show. I believe I survived a whole lot of ordeals in my college life, which also ran from 2003 to 2007, because of the lessons it has on life, love, family and friendship.

It showed how a daughter should always trust the judgment of her parents because they know what’s best for her and they would never do anything to ruin her life.

tumblr_lxicnpm92u1qfccvpo1_500_largeI know. So funny, right?

I learned that real friends got your back even when you often become a jerk and that they would go to the ends of the earth just to save your ass. They would never say things behind your back because they care enough to tell you what you’re doing wrong to your face.




The thing I love most about this show is that in every episode, Raven is able to see bits and pieces of the future that involve her life, her family’s life and her friends’ lives. Being a naturally good person, good daughter and sister, and good friend, Raven always tries and does something either to prevent her vision from happening or to make it happen all the more.

However, she always reads the future in the wrong ways, sending her and those around her in a series of atrocity and comedy.

When her visions become reality, she realizes that even as she never interfered or perhaps the more she interfered, the more her visions remain the same and that everything turns out exactly as it should.

I guess that’s the lesson here. Life will always turn out exactly as it should… as God has intended it. What matters and what makes the difference is that you always have to make the journey towards it worthwhile and give it your best.


I know it’s a bit short. I’ll try something else soon. Good night!


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